How it works

The World’s Only
Automated Music
Publishing Platform

Aurign creates and files split sheets for every song you create, securing personal, publishing, and equity information for all owners in a song. Aurign gives all music artists and publishers transparency, security, and the publishing royalties they deserve.

The music business demands new forms of record keeping


Stop wasting months tracking down collaborators' publishing information to fill out a split sheet, hindering you from accurately filing your split sheets and collecting your royalties. Let Aurign’s proprietary technology create and file split sheets for you and all the co-owners of the song.


All split sheet changes and agreements are filed with the PRO’s and on our blockchain database to keep record of your % of ownership. View your % of ownership and other songwriters % to ensure you're collecting the royalties you agreed upon.


Track your payment schedule, equity, and publishing royalties for your entire catalog.

How it works


Step 1

When you register for the first time, Aurign will collect your publishing information or sign you up with all the royalty collection agencies needed to collect your publishing royalties.

Download Desktop App

Step 2

Aurign’s Desktop App will sync the songs you’ve created right from your computer. Aurign will create a split sheet for every song you're working on.

Invite co-owners

Step 3

No more chasing down outside writers to keep you from filing your split sheets correctly. Send a friendly invite to your collaborators. Once you and your collaborators register for the first time, Aurign will automate your publishing information for every song you do for a lifetime.


Step 4

Once you’ve decided what song will be your next big hit, publish your song through Aurign. Aurign will send your information to all the royalty collection agencies, send a copy to our blockchain database as proof of ownership for your records, and most importantly, pay you what you’re due.

The World’s Only Automated Music
Publishing Platform